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Conversations between Harvard Business School students and folks who have been on audacious journeys building meaningful ventures. A podcast by the HBS Entrepreneurship Club.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Warren Hogarth - Sequoia Capital And Empower

    Bryce DeFigueiredo (MBA 2021) and Alex Spencer (MBA 2021) talk to Warren Hogarth (MBA 2008), former partner at Sequoia Capital and current co-founder and CEO of Empower. Empower is a fintech startup whose mission is to empower consumers to retake control of their financial lives. We discuss Warren's background in ...


  2. Navid Nathoo - The Knowledge Society

    Alex Spencer (MBA 2021) and Rahim Noormohamed (MBA 2021) talk to Navid Nathoo, co-founder of The Knowledge Society. The Knowledge Society is a human accelerator designed for students age 13-17. Their mission is to build the next generation of global leaders who have a strong sense of purpose, tenacity, resourcefulness, ...


  3. Ben Lyon - Hover

    Alex Spencer (MBA 2021) and Bryce (MBA 2021) talk to Ben Lyon, co-founder and CEO of Hover. Hover is a fintech startup that enables developers to integrate with any mobile money service worldwide in an afternoon. We cover Ben's background and journey to launch Hover, as well as fintech and ...